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This  month's email News is all about 1 thing -

Why NOT to use Salon Deals Websites

The detailed report linked below shows how the Voodou salons ignored the likes of Groupon and Whanada and use their own system.

This generated over £30,000 / $47,000 of New Clients and Income
in the last 12 months.

Take a few minutes to read this incredible report.

The judges were so impressed with this system they awarded them 2 Salon Business awards in 2012 -

  • Best Salon Website
  • Best Online Salon

Enjoy !

The team at Salon Guru

World experts in Salon Marketing Online.

Last Minute Voodou


Click the image to read our detailed report on how to generate -

new income for your salon

Without giving all your profits to Coupon sites.