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May 2020

Whatever the guitar can do, ALC can do 50 times better than other guitarists.
–Boston Musical Intelligencer

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: 'Night Transfigured'

A music & visual collaborative concert with  Brooklyn-based Puerto Rican artist Laura Sofia Pérez and myself. 'Night Transfigured' combines live projections with my performance of 8 compositions from my New Lullaby Project. Laura & I collaborated at the Banff Centre and are super psyched to be able to do so with you now!
Hosted by Groupmuse, the concerts are available to anyone in the world with internet. There will be 2 performances:

1:30pm • Music at 2pm EST • http://grpm.us/51sbPQ
7:30pm • Music at 8pm EST • http://grpm.us/B-2bLA

Agustín Castilla-Ávila • Jim Dalton • Stefanie Lubkowski* •
Jacob Mashak • Francine Trester* • Charles Turner • Ken Ueno
Ian Wiese • (*premieres's 58 & 59!)

The events begin on Zoom and then move to YouTube for better music streaming quality, before returning to Zoom for a Q&A with the artists and composers. External speakers or headphones are recommended.

*Reservations are $3 to Groupmuse and the suggested $15+ goes to the Artists. More can be given, and for those who are in precarious conditions pay what you can. We want all of you to come enjoy the music and art. Note: there is a Zoom rerservaton limit so reserve soon!



May 12th was my birthday, and I filled it with a beautiful walk, practice, and a lovely meal with my love. I also received some bittersweet news from UMass Boston that due to the unknowns of Covid 19, I may not be employed next fall. Regardless, as the music moves on, so will I continue playing, arranging, teaching, and sharing in music. Please join me in celebrating music in life & life in music. Thank you to all of those who tuned in to my April 3rd online concert, the first of many. With over 70 computers in 4 countries and a great review, it was a wonderful night!

To those who have purchased music through Bandcamp or gave support through Fractured Atlas, thank you. We are healthy and secure, and grateful for the support of friends and fans. There is much going on in coming weeks so please see below.



  • I am now accepting dedications for the over 40 arrangements I've made. You can now memoriize a friend or family member and be a patron of the arts. The first will be available on my website next week! If you would like more information about how to take part please send an email.
  • I won my first competition for the Robinson Recital Series!
    Click HERE to watch the video, see other winners, and read about the series. Music by Bach, Marquina, Mussorgsky, Barrios & Arlen.
  • Online lessons! Those interested should send an email or contact me through my website.

REVIEW: Boston Music Intelligencer of my April 3rd online concert Time, Hope & Rebirth
Click HERE to read

Music by Barrios, Bach, Boyd, Cage, Fujii & Marquina

"If this New Normal has led to this reviewer hearing such a fantastic guitarist from the comfort of my bedroom on a computer with (sub-par) speakers, for the time, I will take it. I would listen to ALC live or on livestream any day."

New Videos

I was to premiere Barbara Jazwinski's complex solo 'Dreams, Interrupted...' in March in New York, so I made a video for the American Composers Alliance to hold us until a live premiere can happen.
In April I had the pleasure of working with two Tufts University students of composer Kareem Roustom for two new solo by Jonathan Ataria and Yasaman Ghodsi, youthful and very promising!
The Barrios, the lovely lullaby by Boyd & the Fujii are from April 3rd. The Bach is from the 2019 Boston Bach Birthday Bash.
I am now monitized on Youtube (1000+ subscribers & 4000+ hrs of watched).
Join in the fun by Liking & Subscribing to my YouTube Channel and thanks for watching!

  1. Ataria: Fantasia
  2. Bach: Allegro, BWV 998
  3. Barrios: Una Limosna por el amor de Dios
  4. Boyd: Esperanza (New Lullaby) 
  5. Fujii: Hagoromo - Cool spots!
  6. Ghodsi: Night Prelude
  7. Jazwinski: Dreams, interrupted...

* Aaron Playing by Katherine Bender – Encinitas, CA

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