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Lots of pretty new toys and a busy month overall.  Details of the new Summer 2012 sculpting competition are now up and pretty soon it will be time for 'Summer Bonus Time'.

Expansion to the 'Accessories' category this month has included new decals, etched brass and converting bits.  This is in addition to the gorgeous new releases, some of which are shown below.

Survival of the fittest

New for Horror/Post apoc/Survivors

5 new survivors this month which brings the Adventurers codes up to 89!...wow, that is a lot of tooled-up 'have-a-go-heroes' and it seems as if Kev is on a roll as there are still more on the way.  Most pressing in the this category is the need to have a 'Post-Apoc' Hamlet to go with the teenage gang.  Kev can't decide however on what he should be wearing so if you have any ideas then pop along to the Facebook topic and leave your suggestions, the sooner we can motivate him then the sooner we can complete our gang.

Sci-Fi & Grymn

Sci-fi goodness

Nearly 3 weeks after its release we seem to have finally caught up with stocks of the Walker.  I think Grey Matter Figures must be fed up casting this one by now, but that's just tough as it is a seriously fabulous bit of kit with lovely clean lines and dense smooth resin, a joy to paint.  To go with the resin female walker pilot released last month we have a standing male pilot (metal).  The female will also be cast in metal and will be released mid-July.
Clear Resin Isseki compliments Clear Tomoko perfectly.  Some people have been curious recently as to why these clear resin figures cost what they do, perhaps this topic here on our Forum will help you understand our transparent (no pun intended) pricing policies.

Gorgeous fantasy chicks

pretty ladies all in a row.....

What more can I say, the images speak for themselves.  A beautiful female barbarian queen available in both resin and metal, an axe-wielding Undead Witch Queen and a completely unpractical bikini-clad barbarian heroine raising her sword to summon her minions to her side ( or it could be a magic sword and she is summoning its power?...just a thought.........)

Whats next?

1:  Figures             Veda-Ann.  She is very pretty, Finished pics of her are up on our June 2012 workbench.  She has been cast in resin for masters and will be going to production within the next two weeks.

2: Sculpting Competition.       Starts July 1st 2012.  Details here

3: Summer Bonus Time     Goodie bags, free figures and 'stuff'...lol!  If you are new to HF then you might not have experienced one of our bi-annual events (July and December) where we say "thanks muchly" to our customers and  send you free stuff with your orders!  This year it starts Friday 27th July and runs until Monday 6th August 2012.  More details will be posted on Facebook and the Forum of Doom within the next few weeks.

Its is going to be an exciting summer!


If you have managed to get this far, we appreciate it as we know nowadays email newsletters are a common way of communicating with old and new customers.  As a small 'boutique' manufacturer this type of communication is invaluable for us, so "thanks" for reading our ramblings


Sally & Kev White