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June 2012 News (Part One!)

It is hard to believe that June is here already. The children are already making Christmas lists!

This newsletter shows the first two sets of releases, we had to split them into two batches this month as we wanted to get them all up before the sculpting competition starts at the beginning of July (full details to follow in 2 weeks.

Figure Releases

June 2012 First set of figure releases

It took me a while to figure out why we hadn't sold any of the Clear Resin Isseki when so many people had asked for it until i checked the website and realised that although i had 'planned' on doing it after 'Salute' , i hadn't 'actually' got around to it...sorry !   So here he is in all his transparent glory to accompany the Clear Resin Tomoko, don't forget that he is also available in HF blue/grey resin as well as standard metal.

HFA071 Aaron was originally supplied with the masked head already in-situ on his torso but casting problems meant we had to reassess and change him around a bit.  The only way to resolve the issue was to remove his head and make it a separate component, at which time Kev decided to give him a standard 'un-super-hero' head as well. So you have a choice how to assemble him with a free extra head!

HFZ215 Taxxis (d) is a conversion of HFZ207 Taxxis (c) for those multitude of customers who want our dynamic undead witch with a nice big shiny sharp axe.

All of the releases shown are 28mm scale and supplied as white metal castings, unassembled unless stated otherwise.


Non-Mini Releases

Female armature and new guns!

The non-figure releases include some new guns.  HF Sci-Fi followers will recognise them as the SMG from Major Tomoko's resin variant.  Don't ever say we don't listen to you guys as each of the 5 items in this release (figures, converting and armoury) are customer requests!
Also with this is shown the female armature that will be the basis for the sculpting competition.  This is the armature Kev created and then used to form HFN022 Gina.

Facebook and Forum updates

Screenshot of Facebook album pics

We have tried to move 'with the times' and the Facebook page has been chugging along very healthily now for over 18 months.  The image bank there is definitely worth a browse if you are fairly new to HF.   As well as posting images of greens on Kevs workbench you get to see what is in the production queue, what is going to be cast, what the mould allocations look like and as always (if possible) we will answer any of your questions about resin and metal production.  HF has always been a 'customer-led' company and we try and be as transparent as we can about all aspects of how we work.

If you take a closer look at the 'May 2012 Moulds' folder you will see pics of the new teenage gang PLUS 2 new barbarian females alongside a new Adventurer. The 54mm female has also been updated recently.

Thanks for reading!

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