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Traditions, Connections, and a Reality Check

LEDlab student Anna Migicovsky has just been hired by Potluck Café Society to grow Knack! Here she shares highlights from the Knack Awards Ceremony.


New Beginnings for the DTES Street Market Society

How a new partnership agreement is stabilizing the DTES Street Market and helping this important cornerstone of the informal economy to thrive.

Announcing the Binners' Hook!

Linking Vancouver residents and local binners, one hook at a time.

Self Employment in the DTES

LEDlab student Priyanka shares her capstone research project for UBC Master of Science (Planning).


The Local Economic Development Lab partners with community organizations to explore innovative ways to build a more vibrant and inclusive local economy in Vancouver’s Downtown Eastside.

LEDlab is an initiative of Ecotrust Canada and RADIUS SFU.