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Forthcoming events:
The CSJ will be taking part in all three party conferences this year.  We have a number of interesting sponsorship opportunities available and are currently taking enquries. Please contact Rupert for more.

CSJ in the news:

The CSJ delivers its verdict on the Budget.

-On child benefit changes.
The Treasury has missed an opportunity to show commitment to the Coalition’s pledges to encourage shared parenting and to help Britain’s super-taxed single earner families. More here.

-On the so called ‘Granny tax’.
For those in real fuel poverty spreading benefits thinly across all older people means the value of winter fuel payments has fallen from over a third of the annual household energy bill to less than a fifth in recent years. The CSJ refuses to treat the winter fuel allowance as beyond discussion and recommends bringing the means-testing of it into polite conversation. More here.

-On the reduced 50p tax rate.
In the discussion on the effect of the reduced 50p tax rate two key points have been missed. Firstly, the lower tax relief on donations of more than £200,000 will discourage the upsurge in philanthropy that this country needs. More here. Secondly, the Institute of Fiscal Studies' analysis of the Budget's effects across the income distribution shows a sharp downward spike for the poorest 20%. However IFS figures show this is where a transferable tax allowance for married couples would give the greatest gains. More here.